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I’m Anna Stoyanova,
Brand Strategy &
Creative consultant.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, because direct impressions are better to decide if you want to work with someone.

What I do and how I can help you:


For your brand, business, annual event, ad campaign, social media communication - etc. Let’s think of a plan that helps you achieve clear results with your brand communication’s activities.

What I do and how I can help you:


Thanks to my education and training in journalism (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and my passion for writing, I can help you with your in-house event speech or copy for your Landing Page, write your advertising brief, brand message, or your email campaign.

Since 2004, I write for bulgarian magazines and newspaper on different topics related to advertising communication. I was three times delegate for CAPITAL newspaper for Cannes International Festival of Creativity and since 2011 I have a blog.

What I do and how I can help you:

Creative thinking
& Art Direction

Being a graduate Art Director from Miami Ad School and an ex-intern and a life-time fan of KesselsKramer, I strive for creativity that stimulates business.

In 2010, as a side-back project, I co-founded and created the online shop for pop souvenirs - ShopByMany. I manage the ideas and the production behind all items in collaboration with different artists. We created coasters that charge water, bracelets from recycled plastic bags, eternal “dig&drink” mural calendar, typo notebooks that inspire writing, t-shirts that celebrate cyrillic alphabet and more.

What I do and how I can help you:


For your digitally driven campaigns, I can deliver reports and insights that measure social channel performance and content value in order to help your business grow.

In brief, I can define, create and manage engaging communications that are aligned to your business objectives and brand.

You can hire me because of my experience - for 15 years, I’ve worked for international and local clients such as: Unilever, Kraft, Procter&Gamble, Heineken, Evrobet, Sfumato, Timac Agro, Victoria’s Journals etc.

Or you can contact me to know me better, because not only skills but personality is also part of the success. I’d love to hear from you:

Phone: +359 893577471


Twitter: @StoyanovaGinger